Friday, July 10, 2009

bag, small bag and smaller bag

code : bag 1
history: never used before. new
price: RM30
i have 2 small side pocket inside for you to put your keys and also your handphone. got something to hide? i have a zip pocket to hide too. even though i am not very big but big enough to put your wallet, handphone, keys, makeup & comb of course =p  

code: bag 2
history: brand new! bought it from taiwan
price: RM30
i am small, not for you to put your water bottle & umbrella, but to put your handphone, keys, wallet, coins & comb too. i have long sling and i have short sling to suit for your comfort and mood. lazy to carry just change to my long sling and walk casually! forget to tell you i m coming from taiwan!

code: bag 3 (long) & bag 4 (short)
history: NEW!!
brand: Authentic Balenciaga Purse !
Price : RM80.00 
we are twin purse. elder sis is long n i m short. if you like to put your note neatly and no fold, go for my sister; if you hate long purse, i am your choice. both of us also have coin compartment. sister is inside and covered by zip and i am outside(same as last pic).  simple and elegant just suit us. we are naughty n ran away from the old licensed co at Malaysia and we have no different with our family members all over the world! so dont doubt abt our identity. We are Authentic Balenciaga Purse!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


happy happy that Ms Tatie loves the MNG wallet! 


ps: opps! the MNG wallet only 1 piece and sold out! 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the Brands n Tops - RM20 series

code: 2000-5
size: S-M 
history: preloved
quality: excellent
brand: Future State
summer?? then you cant miss such a wild piece!  you can also wear it for the happy hour time, with a simple jeans & you will look sexy with characteristic ! 

code: 2000-6
size: s
history: preloved
quality: Excellent
brand: fashion L.A.B (Singapore famous brand!)
white top for a fresh monday to chase away the monday blue?? for a formal one, match with your office black pant and the bag of your choice (any color? yes any color!) for a casual one, match with your short and you are ready for a casual weekends!

code: 2000-7
size: m
history: preloved
quality: Excellent
brand: Urban & Co
the V-top, which i think it's rather sexy! perfect to match with your jeans for the dance! not sexy?? well, you no need to show your skin to be sexy because this top just tell you that simple black can be so sexy!

code: 2000-8
history: preloved
quality: good
brand: m)phosis
a V formal top! just simple and presentable. dont' you think so?

code: 2000-9
size: s/m
history: Brand NEW (without tag)
quality: Excellent!
brand: MNG
lovely apple green! love this green!

what a steal for the above!! only RM20.00 (without postage) just cheap !! ^^

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks for Reviewing us !Thrift Book

wow! we have been reviewed!

thanks to Thrift Book for the review on our Arsty Comfort on the review on 31/05/2009

=Big Hugs!!=

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Orange Strip Top

code : 2000-4
size : free
history : preloved 
quality : excellent! (only wore for once)
material : cotton
price : RM30.00 (bought at RM55.00)
lovely orange strip top with a row of buttons.. so vintage but no so too; look good when match with tight jean and belt! (too bad i cant wear those trendy tight jeans =( ! ) 

wear it formally with a black bottom and your working high heels, so OL too! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

a flowery dress.. a summer must have!!

code : D0002
size : Free (S-L)
material : cotton
history : brand NEW!!
price : RM35.00
status : available
this is the Summer 2009 collection! love this piece and you are ready for a cooling day out. just a inner tee with this piece, flat shoes & a cute tote bag. just so SUMMER! highly recommended by taiwanese girl ^^ 

ps: these few weeks have been too hot for us ++ ''

Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 pieces? 1 piece?

code : 2000-3
size : free
history : brand NEW!
quality : Excellent
material : cotton 
price : RM35.00

a top? a inner piece? one piece? you can match it the way you want it! it can be just a simple top, or you match the inner piece (with lacy bottom) with any other top, or you can just match 2 with your jean or skirt. you can make the decision yourself and wear the way you want it.. because that's your style!
have we mentioned the pic is cutie meow meow?? ^^

ps: this set is from taiwan too!